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Note: The term idiot box is almost as old as television itself, dating back to the 1960s. Not everyone takes an academically positive view of a show like Laguna Beach, after all.

Clicking the image below will load a PDF with your adversarial scores, which were tabulated after giving you an extra three days or so to augment your discussions online.  I’ve included the total amount earned through augmentation here; if you squint, you might make out a kind of pattern.

Your scores for the projects themselves will be given out in class on Friday the 6th.  You will also receive exhaustive guides for the DAMAGES+ rubric used, if you require clarification beyond the typed feedback.  Take the time to read this carefully.

When you return to your review of Inception, use your practice run, if you completed it on time, to help you revise and reflect.  You should also revisit the many model texts we studied over a month or so.  This is the last paper many of you will write in this course, and you should take some pride in it.

And that brings up two issues: you as a student and the end of your school year.



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